Perfection a Theme in Girls Volleyball Finals


WATERLOO REGION (February 19, 2015) – Resurrection CSS Phoenix senior girls volleyball team rounded out their D8 season with a perfect record on Wednesday night defeating the Woodland CHS Cavaliers in straight sets (30-28, 26-24, 25-23). This squad has been a force to be reckoned with, tallying 16 D8 wins with no losses, only dropping one set all season.

For most of the night, the net was controlled by Phoenix standouts Kelsey Caza and Maddy Antwi. Caza regularly provided a boost to the team with multiple kills and steady defence while Antwi electrified the crowd with her powerful attack.

The Cavaliers proved to be a tough opponent always keeping Resurrection close. Grade 12 setter Jocelyn Scott elevated her team’s energy by methodically picking apart the Phoenix defence, finding gaps and carefully placing the ball.

Woodland will advance to the CWOSSA single A championship tournament next week at Chesley District Community School, while Resurrection will play their CWOSSA AAAA matches at the University of Waterloo Columbia Ice Field gymnasium.

St. David’s Celtics senior girls team will play a CWOSSA qualification match on Wednesday in Orangeville to play into the AAA tournament.

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In the junior final, St. Mary’s HS topped St. David’s in straight sets (26-24, 25-16, 25-19) wrapping their season with a perfect record.

St Mary’s will play their CWOSSA championship tournament at the University of Waterloo while the St. David’s junior squad, like their seniors, will play a AAA qualification match on Monday.

D8’s junior single A CWOSSA representative is ES Pere-Rene-de-Galinee.

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Derrick Stryker

District 8 Athletic Coordinator