D8 Tennis: Resurrection wins overall team title


WATERLOO REGION (October 12, 2017) – On Wednesday the District 8 Tennis Championships were decided at Northfield Racquet Club and Resurrection came out on top as the overall team winner.

Resurrection also captured the boys team title, while St. David’s retained the girls championship.

Sarah Helsby & Jessie Bauer won their third consecutive girls’ doubles title as they defeated St. Mary’s Crisha Maliwat and Jessica De Sousa.

The girls singles division was loaded with talent as the top three players all qualified into the open division. After capturing an OFSAA bronze in mixed doubles last Spring, Mia Tamindzja from Resurrection switched to singles winning the D8 gold over defending champion Gabi Hudec. Angela Bebel from St. Mary’s finished fourth in the division and will advance to CWOSSA as the top high school trained player.

Nikolas Antolcic and Matt Fonseca from St. Mary’s repeated as boys doubles winners as they narrowly defeated the pairing of Soomin Lee and Hunter Tyszka from Resurrection is a tiebreak.

In the boys singles division, St. Benedict’s Steven Wang defeated Resurrection’s Haydon Scott to win the gold.

Père-René-de-Galinée entered District 8 tennis for the first time and showed well as Michael Haffey and Dilara Sen won the mixed doubles title for the school. Resurrection’s Cameron Beaulieu and Laura Nyikos from Resurrection captured the mixed doubles silver medal.

Winners of each division will advance to CWOSSA Championships held Friday October 20th at Northfield Racquet Club in Waterloo.