D8 SOCCER: St. Mary’s outlasts Resurrection to a gold medal


WATERLOO REGION (October 23, 2018) – On Monday evening St. Mary’s defended their junior soccer championship against a competitive Resurrection squad making it six in a row for the junior Eagles.  

St. Mary’s controlled the ball and much of the pace of play in the first half scoring twice on goals from Dominic Panameno and Luca Romano.

In the second half Resurrection battled to control the ball and kept play in St. Mary’s end for much of the half. Their effort was rewarded with a goal from Loukas Encina bring the score to a one goal game.

With the pressure from Resurrection continuing late into the game, St. Mary’s goalkeeper Ethan Pereira made some significant saves to hold the win for the Eagles.

Both St. Mary’s and Resurrection will advance to CWOSSA Championships held October 25-26 at the University of Guelph. St. Mary’s will open against WCSSAA’s runner up at 10:00am, while Resurrection takes on WCSSAA’s champion at noon.