D8 ULTIMATE: Woodland Christian Wins Inaugural Title


WATERLOO REGION (May 29, 2015) – On a perfect day for throwing a disc, District 8 held its first official Ultimate Championship at Woodland Christian High School.

For the last two years D8 held the Ultimate Championship tournaments as a probationary sport activity and in March of this year, the Board of Directors voted unanimously to grant the sport full sanctioned status.

On Thursday, six D8 team took to the field to compete for the title. Woodland, who won the title in both probationary years, entered two teams into the draw with only one eligible to qualify for the finals.

Woodland’s ‘B’ team was highly competitive, only losing to their school’s ‘A’ team and to Rockway by one goal in the preliminary round.

In the final, Woodland would take their third straight District 8 Ultimate title with a win over Rockway Mennonite Collegiate 5-3.