Woodland ends Monsignor Doyle’s dominance at District 8 Badminton Championship


KITCHENER, Ont. (April 10, 2013)- The Woodland Christian High School Cavaliers did the unthinkable on Wednesday claiming the District 8 Badminton Championship by dethroning the Monsignor Doyle Mustangs who had captured 22-straight overall titles.

The Cavaliers secured the overall title with 123 points while long-time reigning champion Mustangs finished just six points shy with 117. Resurrection rounded out the top three with 107 points in the overall competition.

Woodland is just the third school to hold in District 8 history to claim a badminton title. Monsignor Doyle had won all three titles (overall, senior, junior) since play began in 1990-91 until Resurrection took the senior crown last season. This year Woodland took the overall and senior titles while Resurrection secured the junior crown ending Monsignor Doyle’s hold on that title as well.

The Cavaliers medaled in nine of 12 playing categories to power their way to the overall championship. The senior title was captured with Woodland’s student-athletes medaling in all six playing categories.

Woodland’s top performance came in the senior mixed doubles category with Trevor DeWeerd and Katherine Mazereeuw defeating Matt Schieck and Faith Gerber of Rockway for the gold medal.

Sebastian Grasso and Sherry Wong of Monsignor Doyle medaled for the Mustangs with Grasso claiming the boy’s singles event and Wong winning the girls singles. Grasso topped Harold Lam of St. Benedict’s for the gold while Wong was ahead of Woodland’s Lizzy Hughes.

The boy’s doubles competition saw Jon Wong and Micah Brubaker-Zehr of Rockway earn gold ahead of Alex Yoo and Phoung Vu of St. Mary’s while Heather Bertram and Shannon Eby of Resurrection topped Rachel Guetter and Emily Pidduck of Woodland for first in the girls� doubles.

In the junior competition held Tuesday at Monsignor Doyle in Cambridge, the Phoenix claimed the District 8 junior championship crown earning 62 points while Rockway was second with 49 points. Woodland placed third with 47 points while defending champion Monsignor Doyle was fourth with 46.

Junior singles titles went to Lindsay Mustard of Rockway and Shakeel Rao of St. Mary’s. Mustard defeated Kristine Boileau of Pere-Rene-de-Galin�e for the girls gold medal while Roa edged Derrick Carrick of Woodland in the boy’s singles category.

Resurrection’s Brendan Masters and Kevin Santolin defeated AJ Lehmann and Matthew Leger of Pere-Rene-de-Galin�e for the junior boys doubles title. In junior girls doubles St. Benedict’s Kayla Leusink and Ashleigh Brimo beat Resurrection’s Katherine MacMillian and Erin Voisin for gold.

The Phoenix claimed top position in the junior mixed doubles with Maria Prudencio and Paul McLaughlin defeating Monsignor Doyle’s Matthew Pley and Rebecca Soares.

All eight District-8 schools were represented including Monsignor Doyle CSS, ES Pere-Rene-de-Galin�e, Resurrection CSS, Rockway MC, St. Benedict CSS, St. David CSS, St. Mary’s HS and Woodland CHS. Also competing in the event was the Koinonia Christian Academy located in Bloomingdale, Ont.

Champions and finalists from each category have qualified for the Central Western Ontario Championship (CWOSSA) which is set for April 17 & 18 at Conestoga College. The juniors will play on Wednesday, April 17th while the seniors will compete on Thursday, April 18th.

District 8 Overall Badminton Championship � Results
1. Woodland CHS 123- points
2. Monsignor Doyle CSS 117- points
3. Resurrection CSS 107- points
4. Rockway MC 100- points
5. St. Mary’s HS 69- points
6. St. Benedict CSS 56- points
7. ES Pere-Rene-de-Galin�e 35- points
8. Koinonia CA 31- points
9. St. David CSS 22- points

District 8 Senior Badminton Championship � Results
Conestoga College � April 10, 2013
OVERALL (Senior)
1. Woodland CHS 76 – points
2. Monsignor Doyle CSS 71- points
3. Rockway MC 51- points
4. Resurrection CSS 45- points
5. St. Mary’s HS 33- points
6. St. Benedict CSS 31- points
T7. St. David CSS 11- points
T7. Koinonia CA 11- points
9. ES Pere-Rene-de-Galin�e 8- points

Boys Singles (Senior)
(1) Sebastian Grasso (Monsignor Doyle CSS)
(2) Harold Lam (St. Benedict CSS)
(3) Derrick Grift (Woodland CHS)

Girls Singles (Senior)
(1) Sherry Wong (Monsignor Doyle CSS)
(2) Lizzy Hughes (Woodland CHS)
(3) Amanda Hutchings (Monsignor Doyle CSS)

Boys Doubles (Senior)
(1) Jon Wong / Micah Brubaker-Zehr (Rockway MC)
(2) Alex Yoo / Phoung Vu (St. Mary’s HS)
(3) Justin DeWeerd / Daniel Omar (Woodland CHS)

Girls Doubles (Senior)
(1) Heather Bertram / Shannon Eby (Resurrection CSS)
(2) Rachel Guetter / Emily Pidduck(Woodland CHS)
(3) Amanda Livingstone / Krystal Dias (St. Benedict CSS)

Mixed Doubles (Senior)
(1) DeWeerd / Mazereeuw (Woodland CHS)
(2) Matt Schieck / Faith Gerber (Rockway MC)
(3) Danielle Eaton / Liam Dowling (St. Mary’s HS)

District 8 Junior Badminton Championship � Results
Monsignor Doyle CSS � April 9, 2013

OVERALL (Junior)
1. Resurrection CSS – 62 points
2. Rockway MC – 49 points
3. Woodland CHS – 47 points
4. Monsignor Doyle CSS – 46 points
5. St. Mary’s HS – 36 points
6. ES Pere-Rene-de-Galin�e – 27 points
7. St. Benedict CSS – 25 points
8. Koinonia CA – 20 points
9. St. David CSS – 11 points

Girls Singles (Junior)
(1) Lindsay Mustard (Rockway MC)
(2) Kristine Boileau (ES Pere-Rene-de-Galin�e)
(3) Brittany Gulic (St. Mary’s HS)

Boys Singles (Junior)
(1) Shakeel Rao (St. Mary’s HS)
(2) Derrick Carrick (Woodland CHS)
(3) Tom Brodhoecker (Monsignor Doyle CSS)

Boys Doubles (Junior)
(1) Brendan Masters / Kevin Santolini (Resurrection CSS)
(2) AJ Lehmann / Matthew Leger (ES Pere-Rene-de-Galin�e)
(3) Jordan Hamming / Nathan Witteveen (Woodland CHS)

Girls Doubles (Junior)
(1) Kayla Leusink / Ashleigh Brimo (St. Benedict CSS)
(2) Katherine MacMillian / Erin Voisin (Resurrection CSS)
(3) Leah Schlueter / Keturah Beney (Koinonia CA)

Mixed Doubles (Junior)
(1) Maria Prudencio / Paul McLaughlin (Resurrection CSS)
(2) Matthew Pley / Rebecca Soares (Monsignor Doyle CSS)
(3) Julia DeWeerd / Brendan Vandergeest (Woodland CHS)