McNally Award

The McNally Award is presented annually to one person in each District of CWOSSA in the memory of Gordon McNally, a former Executive Director of CWOSSA. Through Professor McNally’s long term commitment to high school sport, CWOSSA began to develop its present organizational structure and evolved into the current Association that serves high school sport so effectively.

A recipient of the McNally Award should exemplify the same dedication, spirit and love of sport that made Professor McNally such an important leader in the early years of CWOSSA.

The criteria that should be used in selecting a person to receive this award:

  • The person should exemplify the best characteristics of a teacher-coach such as good sportsmanship
  • The person should have shown a long term dedication to the administration of high school sport at the district level by providing leadership as an Executive member and/or Director and/or Convenor.
  • The person may also have provided leadership at the CWOSSA level as a convenor and/or Director.

In 2022-2023 District 8’s selection as the McNally recipient was Lindsay Shantz from Rockway Mennonite Collegiate.

Past Recipients:

1994-1995Garry Ertel
1995-1996Ken Vanderzwaag
1996-1997Paul Lavigne
1998-1999Paul Boucher
1999-2000Pat Klassen
2000-2001Ivan Persin
2002-2003Mike Rolt
2003-2004Paul Paquette
2004-2005Bernie Burnett
2005-2006Frank Wittmann
2006-2007Chris Woodcroft
2007-2008Christine Sabourin
2008-2009Rob Cardy
2009-2010Chris Lowry
2010-2011Tom Schneider
2011-2012Tom Fitzgerald
2012-2013Bernie Pickett
2013-2014Yvonne Taylor
2014-2015Cathy Godkin
2015-2016Shane Verbiski
2016-2017Deanna Wehrle
2017-2018Dave Jaeger
2018-2019Jennifer Tyszka
2019-2020Karen Denys
2020-2021Chad Tyszka
2021-2022John Malnerich
2022-2023Lindsay Shantz