D8 FOOTBALL: Resurrection’s Tyson Pahl named Father Mike, Most Valuable Player


WATERLOO REGION (December 7, 2022) – On Wednesday, District 8 announced that the Father Mike, Most Valuable Player award in senior football would go to Resurrection’s Tyson Pahl. 

The grade 12 spent the season playing on both sides of the ball, at wide receiver and defensive back. Pahl scored eight touchdowns in six games, which included receiving, rushing and a kick return touchdown. 

Tyson Paul, Resurrection

“Tyson was the most dominant player, he left his imprint on every game,” said Resurrection’s senior football coach Matthew Gallagher when asked why Pahl was selected league MVP. “Whenever we needed a big play, offensively or defensively, he made it. He was the pulse of a championship team, and a true leader in every sense of the word.”

Resurrection swept through the District 8 senior league, with the help of first team all-star quarterback Cole Henry who had an exceptional season while being protected by offensive linemen Joe Corman and Kodi Blackshaw. Both Corman and Blackshaw were recognized as first team all-stars for their work on both the offensive and defensive line. 

Second team nominations went to Phoenix wide receiver and defensive back combos Damien Plauszta and Tyson Oliu. Plauszta helped Resurrection secure the OFSAA Metro Bowl catching four touchdowns in a dominant 56-14 win over Chaminade College. Lineman Tumi Yinka-Adeniyi and running back Raygan Schwindt were also selected as second team all-stars for the Phoenix. 

Back row, left to right: Ben Pendleton, Tyson Pahl, Joe Corman, Kodi, Backshaw, Cole Henry, Juan Arcila
Front row, left to right: Brayden Ryan, Alex Pauletic, Nathan Dalle Vedove, Brian Amoakohene

St. Benedict’s grade 12 quarterback Brayden Ryan was named a first team all-star, scoring five touchdowns on the ground and threw for two, while teammate running back Brian Amoakohene rushed for six touchdowns and caught another. Saints linemen Alex Pauletic and Nathan Dalle Vedove were also recognized with first team honours. 

Offensive lineman Luke Bales was named to the second team from St. Benedict’s, along with defensive players Jacob Emery and Anthony Braga. 

Grade 12 quarterback Ben Pendleton and grade 12 lineman Colby Nicholson were named as first team all-stars for St. David’s, while teammates Eddy Ferrede, Jake Foy and Alex Martin were named as second team all-stars. 

St. Mary’s linebacker Juan Arcila was named as a first team all-star along with teammate running back Jameel Villacampa. Eagles’ second team honours went to defensive end Sebastian Curicheru, offensive lineman Brayden Hastie and defensive back Luseni Kowai.

See below for a complete list of junior and senior football all-stars. 

2022-23 Father Mike, Most Valuable Player: Tyson Pahl, Resurrection C.S.S. 

Senior First Team All-Stars:

First NameLast NamePositionGradeSchool
BrianAmoakoheneRB12St. Benedict C.S.S.
JuanArcilaLB12St. Mary’s H.S.
KodiBlackshawOL/DL12Resurrection C.S.S.
JoeCormanOL/DL12Resurrection C.S.S.
NathanDalle VedoveDL12St. Benedict C.S.S.
ColeHenryQB12Resurrection C.S.S.
ColbyNicholsonOL/DL12St. David C.S.S.
TysonPahlDB/WR12Resurrection C.S.S.
AlexPauleticDL/OL12St. Benedict C.S.S.
BenPendletonQB12St. David C.S.S.
BraydenRyanQB12St. Benedict C.S.S.
JameelVillacampaRB11St. Mary’s H.S.

Senior Second Team All-Stars:

First NameLast NamePositionGradeSchool
LukeBalesOL12St. Benedict C.S.S.
AnthonyBragaLB12St. Benedict C.S.S.
SebastianCuricheruDE11St. Mary’s H.S.
JacobEmeryDB12St. Benedict C.S.S.
EddyFerredeOL/DL12St. David C.S.S.
JakeFoyDB12St. David C.S.S.
BraydenHastieOL11St. Mary’s H.S.
LuseniKowaiDB12St. Mary’s H.S.
AlexMartinRB11St. David C.S.S.
TysonOliuDB/WR12Resurrection C.S.S.
DamianPlausztaWR/DB12Resurrection C.S.S.
RayganSchwindtRB12Resurrection C.S.S.
TumiYinka-AdeniyiOL/DL12Resurrection C.S.S.

Junior All-Stars:

First NameLast NamePositionGradeSchool
AustinAdairQB9Resurrection C.S.S.
WyattArkemaOL10St. Benedict C.S.S.
JackBeauvaisDT10St. Mary’s H.S.
DarianCoates – CameronWR9Resurrection C.S.S.
QuintinDouglasRB10St. Benedict C.S.S.
AlexGrossC10St. David C.S.S.
LucaHaywardDB9Resurrection C.S.S.
EthanKeenan-ChycDE10St. Benedict C.S.S.
LeoLamoureuxOL9Resurrection C.S.S.
LarryLarry Jos BazuayeLB10Resurrection C.S.S.
FarazLatifQB10St. Benedict C.S.S.
GabrielLopezCB10St. Mary’s H.S.
MarcusMaxwellLB/QB/RB9St. David C.S.S.
AdrianMohamedOL10St. Benedict C.S.S.
MarcusMsuyaRB10Resurrection C.S.S.
Michael (Osarefe)Onaiwu-OsayiRB9St. Mary’s H.S.
RyanPutzuLB10Resurrection C.S.S.
CadeReesLB10St. Benedict C.S.S.
ChaseRuppenthalCB10St. Mary’s H.S.
EthanRyanWR10St. Benedict C.S.S.
OwenSchillRB10St. David C.S.S.
AndrewStrassburger-MeloRB9Resurrection C.S.S.
MackenzieSutherlandQB/SB10St. Mary’s H.S.
MackSzumlinskiLB/CB10St. David C.S.S.