D8 ICE HOCKEY: Post season starts early


WATERLOO REGION (February 6, 2020) – On Thursday morning the District 8 Seasonal Committee voted to adapt the end of the boys’ and girls’ ice hockey season to ensure the fairest conclusion possible. 

With OECTA’s latest job action announcement commencing Tuesday February 11th with the removal of teachers ability to provide on-call coverage in classrooms, it would have forced the end of the District 8 hockey season based on available ice time in the Waterloo Region. 

As a result, the District 8 Seasonal Committee gathered Thursday morning and voted to cancel all remaining regular season games, begin playoffs immediately, and use the current standings to establish semi-final match-ups. 

The boys’ ice hockey semi-finals will take place February 6th in the slot that would have been their next regular season games. Same goes for the girls’ as their semi-finals will take place Monday February 10th. 

It was also voted on Thursday to adapt the traditional three game championship series to be a one game final. 

The boys’ final will take place Monday February 10th, and the girls’ final will take place later that same week, at a time that will not conflict with the OECTA job action. 

Exact details for the championship games will be determined based on the results from semi-finals. All game schedules can be found at www.district8.ca

Currently all other District 8 activities have not required adapting based on the teacher job action.