D8 GIRLS VOLLEYBALL: Lauren Bannister named most valuable player


WATERLOO REGION (April 13, 2023) – On Wednesday District 8 announced its girls volleyball first and second team all-stars, which was headlined by Lauren Bannister who was named the league’s most valuable player. 

Bannister led St. Mary’s to the District 8 championship final where they took the top seeded Resurrection Phoenix late into the fifth set before being edged out for gold. The grade 11 left side attacker was nearly unstoppable in the season when serving and attacking at the net. 

“Lauren was the co-captain as a Grade 11 student in her second year playing senior volleyball,” said St. Mary’s coach Jeremy Farwell. “She is an outstanding athlete who also excels academically.  Her dedication, positive attitude, and leadership helped to propel our team into the Championship game.  She was named MVP because she was the strongest player on the court, both offensively and defensively in every match this season.”

Left to right: Marjorie Levesque, Kylie Moser, Lauren Bannister, Olivia Leite, Elianna Trafford

Joining Bannister from St. Mary’s, is grade 12 setter Olivia Leite who was named as a first team all-star, and grade 11 left side hitter Bethany Lassaline who was named as a second team all-star. 

Resurrection captured their second straight senior girls volleyball championship, led by first team all-stars Kylie Moser as a left side attack and Marjorie Levesque as a setter. They are joined by teammate and second team all-star, grade 11 setter Althea Rabano. 

E.S.C. Père-René-de-Galinée wrapped their season at the single-A OFSAA quarter-final after collecting a single-A CWOSSA gold medal, led by District 8 first team all-star Libby Spence. 

Grade 12 middle Laura Ciz was named as a first team all-star from St. Benedict’s, and her teammate, grade 12 middle Robyn Squires was named to the second team. 

Woodland’s Elianna Trafford was named as a first team all-star, while Crimson Biafore from Monsignor Doyle and Johanna Dyck Steinmann were named as second team all-stars.  

2022-23 District 8 Senior Girls Basketball Co-MVP: Lauren Bannister (St. Mary’s H.S.)

First Team (Senior):

First NameLast NameGradePositionSchool
LaurenBannister11Left sideSt. Mary’s H.S.
LauraCiz12MiddleSt. Benedict C.S.S.
OliviaLeite12SetterSt. Mary’s H.S.
MarjorieLevesque11SetterResurrection C.S.S.
KylieMoser12Left sideResurrection C.S.S.
LibbySpence10MiddleE.S.C. Père-René-de-Galinée
EliannaTrafford11SetterWoodland Christian H.S.

Second Team (Senior):

First NameLast NameGradePositionSchool
CrimsonBiafore12Left sideMonsignor Doyle C.S.S.
JohannaDyck Steinmann12Left sideRockway M.C.
SarahHabsch11Left sideSt. David C.S.S.
BethanyLassaline11Left sideSt. Mary’s H.S.
AltheaRabano11SetterResurrection C.S.S.
RobynSquires12MiddleSt. Benedict C.S.S.

First Team (Junior):

First NameLast NameGradePositionSchool
KieraAldworth10SetterSt. David C.S.S.
AvaBrokenshire10MiddleResurrection C.S.S.
RachelDudziak10Left sideSt. Mary’s H.S.
MarissaMattson10Left sideMonsignor Doyle C.S.S.
RachelSaliba10LiberoWoodland Christian H.S.
EllaUmar10MiddleRockway M.C.
OliviaWard10SetterMonsignor Doyle C.S.S.

Second Team (Junior):

First NameLast NameGradePositionSchool
SherryCao10SetterSt. David C.S.S.
KatelynCoelho10SetterSt. Mary’s H.S.
EmmaGray10SetterE.S.C. Père-René-de-Galinée
AmalMargan9MiddleResurrection C.S.S.
AlexRahemtulla10Left sideRockway M.C.
MeganSchotsch9Right sideMonsignor Doyle C.S.S.