D8 SLO-PITCH: All-star teams announced for boys & girls slo-pitch


WATERLOO REGION (June 23, 2022) – On Thursday, District 8 announced its boys and girls all-star squads from the slo-pitch leagues. 

The Resurrection boys were untouched in their season finishing with an undefeated 10-0 regular season record. They are represented by three grade twelve all-stars, Hayden Mitchell and second base, Jaxon Mackay at third base and pitcher Brayden Vanderwynckel. 

The Phoenix went on to beat Monsignor Doyle in the District 8 gold medal final 12-4. The Mustangs are represented on the all-star quad by a pair of grade 12 outfielders, Alex Tasker and Ashton Whalen. 

Left to Right: Justin Rondilla, Liam Schmidt, Hayden Mitchell, Brayden Vandewynckel, Marcus Monroe

In the girls league it was St. Mary’s who finished with the top regular season record, but St. David’s finished with the gold medal after a 8-6 win over the Eagles in the District 8 championship. 

The Celtics are represented on the all-star team by grade 12 pitcher Jaidyn Wandelt, grade 11 shortstop Abbey Schnarr and the lone grade nine named to the all-star team, Julianna Merritt at first base. 

A pair of grade twelves were named to the all-star squad from St. Mary’s, grade 12 pitcher Kenzie McMahon and Lizzy Msuya at third base. 

Left to Right: Julianna Merritt, Jaidyn Wandelt, Megan Wadel, Mackenzie Seton, Harley Normore

See below for a complete list of slo-pitch all-stars. 

2021-22 District 8 Boys Slo-Pitch All-Stars:

Alex Kocevar12OutfieldSt. Mary’s H.S.
Alex Tasker12OutfieldMonsignor Doyle C.S.S.
Ashton Whalen12OutfieldMonsignor Doyle C.S.S.
Brayden Vandewynckel12PitcherResurrection C.S.S.
Hayden Mitchell122nd BaseResurrection C.S.S.
Jaxson Mackay123rd BaseResurrection C.S.S.
Justin Rondilla11CFSt. David C.S.S.
Liam Schmidt121st BaseSt. Benedict C.S.S.
Marcus Monroe12OF/ 2BSt. Mary’s H.S.
Miguel Bernier11OutfieldE.S.C. Père-René-de-Galinée

2021-22 District 8 Girls Slo-Pitch All-Stars:

Abbey Schnarr11SSSt. David C.S.S.
Harley Normore112nd BaseSt. Benedict C.S.S.
Jaidyn Wandelt12PitcherSt. David C.S.S.
Julianna Merritt91st BaseSt. David C.S.S.
Katie Leudy11SSSt. Benedict C.S.S.
Kenzie McMahon12PitcherSt. Mary’s H.S.
Lizzy (Elizabeth) Msuya123rd BaseSt. Mary’s H.S.
Mackenzie Seton11OutfieldMonsignor Doyle C.S.S.
Meghan Wadel111st BaseResurrection C.S.S.
Olivia Castro12SSMonsignor Doyle C.S.S.