D8 WRESTLING: Championships restored after three year hiatus


WATERLOO REGION (February 21, 2023) – Last week the District 8 wrestling championships returned after a three year absence. 

Congratulations goes to Monsignor Doyle who captured the boys team championship, and St. David who won the girls team championship. 

Qualifiers from District 8 will advance to the CWOSSA Championship at Forest Height Collegiate in Kitchener on February 22nd. 

District 8 Girls Gold Medalists (left to right): Maddi Splane (SDCSS), Patrcia Lehman (SDCSS), Jessica Weiler (SDCSS), Izzy Szakacs (SMHS), Myla Blackshaw (RCSS), Megan Kesablyan (SDCSS), Roselle Diaz Sanchez (RCSS)
District 8 Boys Gold Medalists (left to right): Marcus Figueiredo (MDCSS), LeTrell Russell (RCSS), LeTrell Russell (RCSS), Bryson Pilon (SDCSS), Payton Foss (MDCSS), Andrew Corbeil (MDCSS), Luke Remond-Jaworski (MDCSS), Stephano Perisi (SDCSS), Trentin Bartscher (RCSS), Desmond McLetchie (SDCSS), Chris Comini (MDCSS), Joseph Reitzel (RCSS), Shawn O’Hagan (MDCSS)